Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire

From the Rector: Sunday 5th March 2017

Dear friends,

A very warm welcome to this service. Our freedom to worship is a gift hard won, which we neglect at our peril.

Lent groups begin this week around the Team ministry area. Do see the feature box in the middle of this notice sheet for the details. To join a group, please contact the named leader.

Your prayers are asked especially this week for those getting married in our churches this year as they prepare to make a public commitment to share life together. Please also pray for those in hospital at this time, and those being cared for by relatives at home.

Our Henley Deanery Synod meets on Tuesday evening (7th) at Grey’s church. Please ensure your church council is represented, as it is a good opportunity to encourage one another and to share best practice around the Henley area churches.

Thank you all for your support and care – for your churches, and for the people in the communities we serve in the name of our Lord and Saviour.

Your Team Rector                                                    Kevin Davies


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