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If you are recently engaged, congratulations! We are delighted that you are considering a marriage service in one of our churches and will do everything we can to help.

Wedding aisle flowers, Weddings, Langtree Team MinistryOur churches are the most beautiful settings for a marriage. We can usually also offer the services of a choir, bell ringers and organist to complete your perfect day.

More people than ever before are now eligible to be married in their local church. You don’t have to be a “member” or worship there every week but, for most people, simply living in the Team Ministry area, or living here for more than six months sometime in the past, will be sufficient.

To enquire about your eligibility, please contact a member of the staff team, who will explain any legal preliminaries.  Of course, the legal stuff can be complicated and in some circumstances it won’t be possible for us to offer a full marriage service. But even in these situations a service of blessing is still normally possible.

A couple at their wedding, Weddings - Langtree Team Ministry
A special day

Your minister will normally ask you one or two basic questions to ascertain your connection with the church in which you wish to marry, and thereafter you can expect him or her to make an appointment for you to visit, at which point full details will be taken. Identity and residency evidence will be required. After this point, a formal written offer of a booking will be made.


A blessing is the same as a marriage ceremony in all ways except that there are no legalities and vows are reaffirmed vows.

For more details of a church wedding, please do look at and for specific enquiries, again, please get in touch with us directly.

A Wedding at Checkendon - courtesy of "Charlotte Snowdon Photography", Weddings - Langtree Team Ministry
A Wedding at Checkendon – courtesy of ‘Charlotte Snowdon Photography’

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