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Baptisms, Langtree Team Ministry

Baptism at Checkendon Church

In the Church of England we welcome all ages to baptism (christening).  Children and infants are baptised on the understanding that their parents and godparents will bring them up in the Christian faith.

Baptism with Revd Kevin Davies. Baptisms, Langtree Team Ministry
Baptism with Revd Kevin Davies

Baptism is a celebration of new birth into the life of the Spirit of God. It is a response to God’s initiative of love for us in the person of Jesus. When we are baptised we are accepting for ourselves (or our child) what God has done for us through Jesus and promising to follow Him throughout our lives.  This means supporting local church, taking seriously our own need to learn and grow in the faith, and owning up to the things in our lives that we know displease God.

Baptisms in the Langtree Team Ministry are normally part of the main Sunday morning services, as the congregation has an important part to play in welcoming those who wish to become followers of Jesus. We are all God’s family together.

There is never any charge for a baptism service because this reminds us that God’s mercy in Jesus Christ was without price. As your support for your local church is an expected part of the Christian faith, we normally ask that candidates for baptism have a demonstrable link with the church community where the service is to be held, and are able to continue to support that church afterwards.

Adult Baptism

If you are considering being baptised and would like more information, please get in touch with a member of the staff team, who will be very pleased to help.  There will be some preparation involved, which will normally be one or two meetings with the minister or a lay officer of the church where the meaning of baptism will be explored, together with questions about the Christian faith itself.

To Arrange a Baptism

Baptism - Whitchurch
Baptism with Revd Claire Alcock

Please contact your local Minister (click here for contact details).