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Notice Sheet for Sunday 1st November 2015

Langtree Team Ministry
Notice Sheet for Sunday 1st November 2015
All Saints
(Gold or White)

Dear Friends

Welcome to our churches this Sunday – All Saints Day. Yesterday evening we may have been aware, as we have over the past few weeks, of the commercial ‘Halloween’ – the eve of All Hallows (All Saints). One main topic has been the dearth of good-sized pumpkins – oh dear! Perhaps we should return to the original turnip.

Some of our churches are re-discovering the original purpose of these celebrations by offering an ‘All Souls’ service – a contemplative service in which our thoughts are with those no longer with us – recent or ancient. As symbols of our thoughts and memories we light small votive candles.
This Sunday also starts a turning point in the Christian Year – from looking back to Trinity and Pentecost to looking forward to Advent and Christmas (The Mass of Christ). Here lights are important symbols – Advent Candles, Christingles, and Christmas Tree lights – guiding our way to when the hours of daylight increase.

Revd David Addison.


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