Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire

From the Rector: Tuesday 23rd November 2021

The Advent Journey begins.

Dear friends,

Whether you are a glass half full person (“Christmas is coming!”) or a glass half empty one (“We’re all going catch flu/Covid/be locked down again”) nevertheless the end of November marks the turning from autumn to winter proper. It also marks the start of the Christian year, on Advent Sunday. This is the season of penitence and fasting which precedes Christmas. It is traditionally (along with Lent) seen as a time for study and prayer, and not just the time of “preparation”. To help all of us in this I’ll be offering a short daily  reflection throughout the Advent season, online from 8.30-8.40 pm every evening starting on Monday 29th November. Do join me for the Advent Journey with Scripture, prayer, and music. The zoom numbers will be 842 3891 2144 and 123165. Come every day or just drop in, everyone from across the Team is welcome.

Worship Services for Advent Sunday 28th November.

9.30am Holy Communion  at St John’s Stoke Row, led by Revd Kevin Davies

11am Advent Communion Service at Checkendon Church, led by Revd Kevin Davies

6.30pm-7pm. Together at Home. A short online evening service with Revd Kevin.  Zoom numbers 636 645 195 and passcode 000162. Music, prayer, and a word from Mark’s gospel.

Other service options for elsewhere in the Team can be found on the Langtree Team Ministry Churches website.

You can support Checkendon church and  Stoke Row churches via dedicated and secure online card donation pages. Just click on the link. It is very secure. There is a new option to set your donation to be monthly rather than one off. There is also an option to Gift Aid your donation. Please do this if you can as your church can then reclaim the income tax you have paid on your donation. All your churches have suffered income loss during Covid, and now need your help. Thank you!

Langtree Team Council

…a message for churchwardens, and the Team staff. Please note that there will be a meeting of the Langtree Team Ministry council on Tuesday 11th January at 8pm; the meeting will be held online with zoom numbers  833 8214 3215
and 619281. Please make sure that your church council is represented; it is the Team Council that deals with the budget and staffing!

Finally, as November closes, it is a good time to begin to look back on what has been for many an extremely difficult year. Are there any lessons for you? Are you a better person, despite all of it? What has God been saying to you? To us? Do join me on The Journey as we walk together in spirit towards the Light of the World. Peace be with you all.

Your Rector, Revd Kevin Davies





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