Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire

From the Rector: Tuesday 13th October

Autumn Gold

Dear friends,

As I write this the morning sun is slanting low and catching a larch tree by the gate almost at ninety degrees. This particular tree is normally unnoticed; it is a bit scrappy and I have to pull the ivy away from the base every year. But this morning the tree is vibrant, the leaves almost entirely yellow, and the sunlight brings the whole to a glorious gold, ablaze with colour. I resolve to notice the drab things a little better in future, because even they have their time to shine.

Worship for Sunday 18th October

Our main worship options on a Sunday remain via Zoom. This Sunday’s online worship options are hosted by Revd Kevin and Mrs Caroline Older. You will need the zoom app installed on your device (laptop, tablet, phone or PC) – download from  Just before the appointed time, run the app, click on “join meeting” and enter the meeting number and passcode below for the service you wish to attend.

Open Door Service with Caroline Older 10am    824 9096 7338 and 495735   A service for anyone exploring the Christian faith

Family Worship with Revd Kevin  11am       636 645 195  and 000162.     An informal service with worship songs and a talk from Revd James Leach.

Family and friends are welcome to join us. It is a great way to stay in touch.  Do check out the worship pages on the Team Ministry website for full details of midweek services. There is no live worship at St Leonard’s this week as Revd Linda is on leave. Your live option this Sunday is a short service of Morning Prayer at Checkendon at 9am. There is no live midweek worship at Ipsden or North Stoke this coming week as Revd John will also be on leave. Should the Government or National Church make any pronouncements that affect us – check the Team website first of all:

To help keep your church’s bills paid, please support Woodcote or Checkendon or Ipsden  or North Stoke churches via their dedicated and secure card donation pages. Just click on the church you wish to help. Please also Gift Aid your donation if you pay any income tax. Thank you !

Remembrance Sunday (8th November)

Your ministers are making plans for Remembrance Sunday – we will consult locally and work out what, if anything, can be done “live” in our respective settings. Remembrance will certainly be kept via our zoom options, but our local live offerings may well need to be significantly different this year, depending as they do upon local traditions, local capacity, national guidance, and also the trajectory of the latest surge of viral cases. Please watch this space, and the team website, or ask your minister, for details in the days ahead. I am often asked why we cannot simply do everything outside; I am afraid this is because national church guidelines, under which we have to operate, require the same constraints and safety measures for any church based activity outside as for anything inside; short services, no singing, masks, and social distancing.

I can at this point tell you that there will not be a parade service at Checkendon on Remembrance Sunday; the uniformed organisations have not yet re-convened, and we remain constrained by the Covid capacity of our building. The act of Remembrance, last post, and reading of the names of the fallen, will take place online from 10.55am on 8th November.

Back to the larch tree; the sun still shines, and, in the midst of looming grey skies, he remains determined that he will have his moment of glory. “Wallk while you have the light,” Jesus said.  This is a saying for the autumn, if ever I heard one.

God bless you all

Revd Kevin



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