Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire

From the Rector: Tuesday 19th December 2023

War and Peace on Earth

Dear friends,

Please join us at our Christmas services, when we will lift our voices in song and in prayer, to praise God for the birth of the one called The Prince of Peace. The only way the noises of war may be stilled is for the songs of peace all around the world to become louder, and more insistent. We believe that God loves the world, and so it may be better.

Wednesday 20th December

10am Checkendon Primary School Christmas Service, in church, with Canon Kevin Davies.

All welcome. Come and hear the school choir, and enjoy some carols together with pupils and parents.

Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December

9.30am Christmas Communion at St John’s Stoke Row, with Revd Romey Poston.

4pm Christingle Service at St Peter and St Paul, Checkendon, with the children’s choir, church music group, and a Christingle to take home.

11pm Midnight Communion at St Leonard’s Woodcote.

Christmas Day

11am Christmas Celebration at St Peter and St Paul, Checkendon, with Canon Kevin Davies, and Revd Romey Poston.

Sunday 31st December

10.30am Team Service of alternative readings and carols at St Leonard’s Woodcote, with Revd David Benskin.

Last Words

What child is this, who, laid to rest/on Mary’s lap is sleeping?/  Whom angels greet with anthems sweet/ while shepherds watch are keeping?

Why lies He in such mean estate/where ox and ass are feeding?/ Good Christian fear: for sinners here/ the silent Word is pleading.

So bring Him incense, gold, and myrrh,/ come, peasant, king, to own Him./ The King of kings salvation brings,/let loving hearts enthrone Him.

       This, this is Christ the King,/whom shepherds guard and angels sing:/haste, haste to bring Him praise,/ the babe, the Son of Mary. (William Chatterton Dix. This version of the tune, by the Piano Guys, is particularly poignant)

This will be my last note to you of 2023; thank you all for your support and care for your churches, and I wish you a joyful Christmas, and a blessed New Year. May God’s peace be with us all.

Canon Kevin

PS Congratulations to the government of Iceland for their risk management, preparedness and planning. I wonder which, if any, of the four UK administrations could have a 2 mile long volcanic fissure erupt on their patch, just twenty five miles from the national capital, and not only be ready for it, but also not have a single person injured? The proper approach to the natural world is one of respect, and humility.


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