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From the Rector: Easter Day 2018

Dear friends,

Christ is Risen! A very joyful Easter to you, and a warm welcome to our celebration services across the Langtree Team Ministry area. May the blessing of Christ rest upon us all.

Annual Meetings

April is the time of year when churches are thinking about their annual meetings, and church council members stand up for election, or stand down after a period of faithful service. Please do give some thought to who you might like to see serving in a leadership role on your church council. Perhaps ask them if they would allow you to nominate them. Your church council plays a vital role in not only maintaining the fabric of your church building, but also helping the clergy and ministry team with vision and direction for the work that we share in. Whether as churchwardens, or treasurers, or secretaries, or deanery synod reps, or team council reps, or worship assistants, or social committee members, there are things that are vital to the growth and mission of your church that cannot be done by the clergy alone. “The body is made up of many parts.”

Bishop Colin returns

April also marks the return of Bishop Colin from his sabbatical leave. Let us take the opportunity to pray for grace for Colin as he settles once again into a very busy schedule.

Langtree Team hosts ordinands

The Langtree Team is going to be (once again) hosting a group of ordinands (=trainee clergy) on a rural ministry study day on 17th April. We’ll be taking the students around some of our parishes, and hopefully encouraging one or two of them to consider serving in rural parishes in the future. One previous student (now serving as a curate) who visited us even appeared on the TV programme “A Vicar’s Life” last month!

On behalf of all the ministry team, both lay and ordained, a very blessed and happy Easter to you all.

Your Rector                                   Canon Kevin Davies

The Empty Cross of Christ


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