Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire

From the Rector: Sunday 20th August 2017

Dear friends,

A very warm welcome to this service, wherever you are worshipping this morning across the Langtree Team Ministry area. A special welcome if you are on holiday or otherwise with us for the first time. Do make yourself known to a member of the leadership team.

Our thoughts and prayers this week are for all young people receiving exam results this and next week, as the A level and GCSE results are published. We also give thanks that we live in a country where there is a relatively uncorrupt public examination system, where great care is taken to ensure that marking is fair and accurate, and that examiners themselves are also monitored and regulated.

In our churches we are beginning to prepare for the autumn season. If you would be interested in joining me for a once a week exploration of some basic themes of the Christian life, (such as God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Prayer) please would you drop me an email ? Anyone from across the Team area is very welcome, and we will meet at a time and dates to suit.

Please pray for those couples being married in our churches over the next month or so: Elias Sibley and Florence Petit, Grace Kirby and Toby Mottram, Tessa Merson and Daniel Terzino. Thank God for the love that he has given them to share.

Don’t forget that you can find this post, and all other details about the Team Ministry on our website:  . You can find details of all our Sunday services here. There is also the Team facebook page /langtreechurches for those of you who are “on” social media.

with every blessing to you all, and a joyful end to the summer season – if that is what it was !

Your Rector                                                                      Revd Canon Kevin Davies


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