Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire

From the Rector: Christmas Day 2016

Dear friends,

Christ is born ! A very warm welcome to this Christmas morning service, from all of us in the Langtree Team Ministry Staff. A particular welcome to those of you who have “returned home” or who are visiting family and friends. May your joy be full, and the hope that Christ gives be ours to share.

Thank you to everyone in our churches who has worked very hard to ensure we all have a Christmas to share in: musicians, singers, organists, wardens, stewards, flower arrangers, tree decorators, mince pie makers, mulled wine blenders, candle trimmers and not forgetting your minister and those who support him or her.

Please remember at this time the ancient Christian community in and around Mosul, (ancient Ninevah) which is one of the oldest in the world, most of whom fled before the IS takeover, and whose churches have mostly been desecrated and ruined. We continue to pray for peace in Iraq, and in Syria.

Next Sunday is New Year’s Day, and there will only be one service across the Langtree Team Area that morning. You are all warmly invited to see in the New Year in a reflective and spiritual way at our team Service at St John’s Stoke Row, at 10.30am.

Peace be with you all     Your Rector

Revd Kevin Davies


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