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From the Rector: Tuesday 7th April 2020

Holy Week

Dear friends,

It is Holy Week. The Christian family throughout the world in Catholic and Protestant traditions are making the journey towards Easter. Christ has entered Jerusalem and been acclaimed as the Messiah by the crowds, alarming the occupying Roman forces, and terrifying the religious authorities. The wheels of power are beginning to turn which will result in Jesus’ death. There is an air of dreadful foreboding about the gospel narratives, all told with hindsight. “If only we’d known it would have been our last meal.” “If only Peter hadn’t said that.” “If only Judas had not given up on Him.” “If only Pilate had a little more courage” “if only the priests had seen the truth right in front of them.” “If only God could have stopped it.”

As a society we find ourselves full of foreboding and shut in just like the disciples after Good Friday went to ground for fear of further violence against them. We wash our hands, and detox our door handles in similar fear for our lives, and the lives of those we care for. For the disciples, the knock on the door brought not the expected heavy handed brutality of the regime, but the astonishing news from one of their own who had dared to break the curfew out of love for her Lord. Jesus was risen! Death need not be a worry, as God’s power was more than adequate. Soon they would see Him with their own eyes.

This hope in a risen Saviour is the unique marker for the Christian faith. Death is part of the brokenness of the world, and is not part of God’s plan for men and women. The Christian hope is of life eternal, sharing in the risen life of Jesus, in the presence of God. Do not allow yourself to be gripped by the fear sweeping the world. On Easter Day, when we are told that the virus will be at its worst, we will light the Paschal Candle, symbolising the light of Christ and his triumph over the darkness of the tomb. There will be no starker context in which the nation needs to experience the light of resurrection and a new beginning.

I hope and pray that you’ll see a little light shining in your own heart and life this Easter time.  Peace be with you all.

Revd Kevin Davies

Online Services for Easter

Thank you all for your support for our ventures into online services. We want to get better at doing church this way, so please do offer any helpful feedback by telling us what works and what didn’t work for you.

The services for this week are as follows:

Maundy Thursday

7.30pm  Communion of the Last Supper led by Revd Kevin. Zoom Meeting ID 519920840, passcode 001648.  Please do come  furnished with a small piece of bread if you would like to symbolically share in this Communion

Good Friday

3pm Reflective Service led by Revd Linda. Meeting ID 855 813 787 Passcode: 019788
8pm Compline led by Revd John. Meeting ID 726 350 423   Passcode 005873

Easter Day (12th April)

10am Service of the Word led by Revd John                          Meeting ID: 188 513 761     Passcode  019797
11am Easter Day Holy Communion led by Revd Kevin       Meeting ID: 636 645 195        Password: 000162. Please do join in furnished with a small piece of bread if you and your household would like to symbolically share in this Communion.

There are also options for Holy Week and Easter worship online with the Bishops of the Diocese, and at Christ Church Cathedral including an all night drop in meditation on Good Friday. Details here



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