Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire

From the Rector: Sunday 2nd July 2017

Dear friends,

A very warm welcome to this service, from all of us across the Langtree Team Ministry area. May the peace of Christ be with you.

The Langtree Team Ministry is your local Church of England church, in partnership with five other parishes in our immediate area. You can find out about us at Each church is led by a local church council, and together with members of the clergy and lay ministry team your church council sends one or two representatives to the Langtree Team Council. This body has responsibility for resourcing the whole Team in the areas of appointments, and the deployment and “running costs” of the clergy. Each local church council (PCC) has the responsibility for the mission and the fabric of their parish church and the payment of their Diocesan Quota, as set by the Henley Deanery, which funds the salaries of the clergy, their housing, and pension payments. (You can easily find out the level of these figures are by looking online…)

Your local church receives no state aid, no central funding from the national Church of England, and most of them have very low levels of reserves. So it is true to say that the continued presence of your local church very much depends upon the generosity and commitment of the current generation, both in terms of regular worshippers and also those well wishers who would not like to see yet another historic community asset be closed or sold off.

The simple truth is that every single time you decide not to support your church, whether for Sunday worship, or to attend a community activity, you are making a decision against that particular church’s long term survival. It really is as simple as that.

Please do continue to pray for those affected by the London and Manchester terror attacks. The Music Festival season is now well under way, and the freedom and hope that these so often embody is something that those who wish our culture and our nation ill would dearly love to destroy.

May the blessing of our Father in heaven be with you and those whom you love,

Your Rector Revd Canon Kevin Davies



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