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Sermon – Grief

Angel monument, St Leonard's Church, WoodcoteChurch Photo Gallery
Angel monument, St Leonard’s Church,

David & Jonathan


(2 Samuel 1)

You held out a bloody crown
Smiled, and broke my heart.
You made a mistake, Amalekite
True to form, you murder the defenceless
Your people picked off the stragglers in Sinai;
You “happened by” when Saul, my King
Needed rescue, bleeding, broken on Gilboa.
But it is easier to fold a crown in a cloak
Than carry off a corpse.
You hold a out a bloody crown
And thought you made a King.
You’ve just made an angry man.
For it is easier to murder than to save
Only God makes Kings, only God saves.
Do not think that you can call yourself “friend”
When you tell me with careless joy
That God ’s chosen fell at your hand
And my dearest is dead.
You held out a bloody crown
Which Jonathan should have born
And I wept for him, my true friend
For all the blood which would flow
From your callous and mercenary deed
But you will not profit, nor boast
And your alien father will rue the day
He sent his son to Israel in easy ignorance
To die at David’s rage.
© Kevin G Davies 7/9/01


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