Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire

Sunday Services

We regret to inform you that all Sunday Services in our church buildings have been suspended until further notice by instruction from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, dated 17th March 2020.

All churches across the Team Ministry area will be closed for worship until further notice.

This is to try to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in our communities.

Please join us for a Sunday Service online!

Langtree Team Ministry Services,  on Zoom.

Midweek Worship

There are several quiet evening service options now available for you midweek. These are a lovely chance to pray and reflect; Compline is a much loved service in the anglican tradition, arising from the monastic offices. It is a short service of about fifteen minutes for the very end of a day when we turn to rest and commit ourselves into the hand of God for the night hours. Everyone is very welcome – just “join meeting” on zoom at the appointed hour, and enter the relevant numbers.


Evening Prayer with Revd John 5pm   410 935 129 and 028369

Compline (Night Prayer) with Revd Linda 8.30pm 893 0010 0220 and 043029


Compline with Revd John 8pm  726 350 423 and 005873

Sunday Worship for 19th July.

Welcome to the worship choices for you this coming Sunday. Our services are all on the “zoom” platform. Download the program from  You can use a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The numbers below are the meeting numbers, and passcodes, for each service.

Holy Communion with Revd John  10am        188 513 761 and 019797         Share in the sacrament together.

The Open Door Service with Revd Linda  10am       874 5789 3541 and 881657     A simple and friendly service to start the day.

Family Service with Revd Kevin  11am       636 645 195  and 000162.     An informal service for all ages, with worship songs, a talk, and a craft activity to try at home.

As ever, family members are very welcome to join with us.  Our zoom services remain very popular and your email feedback is very appreciative – thank you.

We can’t obviously take a “collection” at our services online, but it is now possible for you to donate to Checkendon or Woodcote churches over the internet at  any time of the day or night.  Go to the “Donations” tab on this website, and follow the links there.

Alternatively you can give via the A Church Near You national C/E portal: Checkendon’s page is here   and Woodcote’s page is here.  Clicking to “Support this Church” will take you to a secure card donation page.



Diocesan Service, at 10am Livestreamed here:



You might like to use the following prayer written by Revd Kevin Davies

Father God,  even as we find ourselves far from each other,  please hold us close to you

Jesus Christ, shine in the darkness and show us the way, for you are the light of the world

Holy Spirit, in our fears console us and bring peace to our troubled hearts. Amen.