Seven Churches in South Oxfordshire


Churchyards and Monuments

Your local churchyard offers burial facilities to those who live in the parish and internment of ashes at the discretion of the Church Council.Churchyards, Langtree Team Ministry

Each church cares for and maintains the churchyard at its own expense. Some receive a little financial help from their local parish or district councils, but most do not.

It is possible for non-residents to be buried in a churchyard, but only if there is an existing family grave, with space, and where the next of kin have given their consent.

There are strict rules about the kind of monuments that can be erected in a churchyard.  The local minister has limited authority to permit monuments that fall within certain guidelines, but for anything else the Church of England authorities have to be consulted and give their approval.  Your local minister will help and advise you in this process, and it can be helpful to speak to him or her before you approach a monumental mason.

Normally six months must have elapsed between a burial and the erection of a memorial, and your monumental mason will have to have obtained signed authority before any work may proceed.Angel Statue, Woodote. Churchyards, Langtree Team Ministry

You can download a copy of the current churchyard regulations pertaining to the Langtree Team here.

The full regulations currently in force in the Diocese of Oxford can be found here.

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The Seven Churches of Langtree Team Ministry.